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“I have used honey for years but when I opened my first jar of Richard's Pure Raw honey,I realized what I was previously buying at the grocery stores was not even in the same class as Richard's Honey. This honey is awesome. Please stop fooling yourself, You have not had honey until you had Richard's Honey.”                                                                                                                  ~ Deborah S.  Little Rock, Arkansas “I met James at the War Eagle Fair a couple years ago. After telling him about my husband's terrible sinus type infections he was constantly getting from allergies, he suggested trying the Bee Pollen. My husband has tried taking honey before, but it just wasn't strong enough for him. Now after almost 3 years of taking a pinch of pollen every day, my husband has felt so much better, and has only had to take one round of antibiotics for an allergy related infection! Thanks to the Bee Pollen, he has not had constant trips to the doctor and has avoided having to take so many antibiotics! We are believers! It works!”                                                                                                   ~Shelly B. Springdale, Arkansas “I recently made my 2nd purchase of honey from you at War Eagle craft fair and it is the best honey ever. I just recently learned about the benefits of pure honey that still has pollen bits in it with no corn syrup, so I’m going to start ordering all of my honey from you from now on. Also, you were all very friendly and helpful at the booth at War Eagle, so thanks!”                            ~ Kevin P. Fairview Heights, Illinois “This honey is the best! I was at the War Eagle Mill Craft Fair just last week and was so happy to see someone who works with natural honey! I bought one of the spun honey mixed with dried strawberries. In less than one week, it is gone! In one of the other comments below, John Harris said he bought a jar from the store after running out of Richard’s Honey. I'm not surprised that his pain returned. Most honey imported from China, is not honey but a Karo Syrup with added coloring to look like honey. I too suffer from joint pain and have noticed this last week while on Richard's Honey that it has improved. Ordering a case if I can! Thanks for your hard work James Richard!”                                     ~Ruthie Graen                                                                                    “I was excited to finally find some local honey in Little Rock that wasn't seasonal. I bought Richard's Honey home, and I have been more than pleased. I love that it is pure and raw, and the taste can't be beat. Thank you for the effort you put into making such a quality product!”       ~Beth S., Little Rock, AR “I've struggled with spring allergies since my late teens. In November of 2010, I started taking three or four spoonfuls each day of the Richards' Arkansas honey. It has resulted in this spring being the first time in 35 years I didn't have to take any allergy medicine to get through the season. I have been told to eat honey for my allergies for years, but thought it was nonsense, but I’ve found the Richards’ Arkansas honey worked for me. I'm most grateful to the Richards.                               ~ John Sagely, Fort Smith, AR
“I bought your honey for the first time. Much better than all the commercial honey I've had in the past. I will never go back! It has a ton of "character" as I like to call it.”                         ~Joe B., Benton, AR   “I love all your honey, my favorite is the one with the yellow lid!”                                                                                                                                ~Adrianna L., NW Arkansas   “Love, Love, Love your honey!!! My husband & I are from Connecticut and come out to Arkansas once a year for a family reunion. The last time we were there I picked up some honey at ‘The Pantry’ and brought it home. I am almost out now and am getting ready to call my Mother-in-law to send me some. It is absolutely the best honey I have ever had!!!! Can't wait to get back out there and get a few more bottles to take back to Connecticut.”                                                                                    ~Kerri P.,  Connecticut      “I have had nasal problems most of my life. I even went two or three years addicted to nasal spray. Each year I would get a major cold that would last for several weeks. James made me a pollen, honey and royal jelly mix about two years ago. I've been taking a small amount every day ever since. I feel great, have energy and have had very little colds since then. Thanks, James and Renee', I'm convinced."                                                                                                                           ~Denise, Hot Springs Village,AR      “I LOVE this honey!! I was telling my daughter yesterday that you HAVE to know HOW the honey is "processed" to know the quality, which is why we buy ONLY Richard's Arkansas Honey.”                                                                                                                              ~Debra Savoie, Abbeville, LA        “All my life I have suffered from allergies, even to the point of having to quit baseball because of the dust. As an adult, I could not mow the yard without severe sneezing and I always got colds during school from being around the students. After a particularly bad cold in the fall of 2003, I began taking honey every day. I wanted local honey so I contacted James Richard and have been buying from him ever since. The cold of 2003 was the last I suffered and I have not missed a day of work since because of sickness and for the first time I can mow without the severe sneezing episodes. My favorite honey is the very dark honey as it seems to work the best."                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ~Dick Warrington, Hot Springs Village, AR      “For years I took anti-inflammatory medication for severe arthritic pain in my neck and shoulder area. About four years ago I was forced to stop the medication because of kidney damage. The pain became severe and ordinary pain medication without narcotics didn’t help much. A friend suggested an “old wives” remedy of one small teaspoon of cinnamon with two teaspoons of RAW, UNPROCESSED HONEY in one half cup of hot water twice daily. After several days of this treatment, I was relatively pain free and have remained so by its daily use. I’m able to function normally with little or no pain and entirely without any additional pain medication. One word of advise! The honey must be RAW AND UNPROCESSED. I use Richard’s Pure Honey. At one time I ran out of Richard’s honey and bought a jar from the grocery store, a product from China, and within two days my pain had returned. I returned to Richard’s honey immediately! i don’t know how this works or if it works for everyone but it surely works for me!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ~John Harris, Hot Springs Village, AR
“We made our first purchase of your honey a couple weeks ago and simply love it! I have been wanting to find raw honey since moving to Arkansas and found the best one right off! It is the first time my husband has been able to enjoy honey without stomach upset and he is one happy man!”                                                                                                                                                                                                              ~ Michelle P.