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Why Raw Honey?
The bee keeping industry is one of vast opportunities. Many in this profession have found adventure and profits in soap and candle making, lotions, balms, and other natural products; all extracted from their backyard bee hives. Although these vending diversities are available to us, we strive to produce only a few wares and produce them well. Many Customers purchase our honey not only because it’s truly tasty, but because it’s raw, pollen laden, and local. You can be certain that it is produced here in your state and carries familiar pollen which has maximum health benefits. When you read the fine print on other brands, you discover that it is a product of Canada, Argentina, India, Uruguay, China, and wherever the packer can find it cheapest. When honey prices are on the rise, some deceptive packers actually mix strong flavored honey to a high fructose corn syrup base. The complexion of the adulterated result is attractive, the mixture is thick, but it’s not honey. The honey produced in our state will vary in color and taste with each season. Our bees forage in clover, vetch, various fruit and berries, and other spring blooms which produce a very light honey. As the year progresses, different summer and fall blooms produce a darker and often robust flavor. Beware of “local” producers whose honey has the same presentation year round. It is probably being purchased from other states and thereby at a loss for optimum health benefit.